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All Global Ready Education Trainings are available as In-Person Seminars and as Online Courses.

All our trainings are available in two major formats: as online courses, and as in-person seminars. While the trainings cover the same contents in both formats, there are some key differences in terms of how the trainings are delivered:

Training Formats

Online Courses

Online Courses

Our online courses are delivered through our web based course platform and allow learners a great deal of flexibility: during the period of course availability, learners are free to progress through the course at their own pace, and as their schedule permits. Learners can track their progress and stop and continue at any time.

While our online courses cover the same contents as the in-person seminars, the online courses lack one essential component: trainer-learner-interaction. Thus, the online courses include less of our trainers’ personal anecdotes and additional details, which are often shared in in-person seminars based on learner input and observations of local features.

We recommend our online courses for:

  • Small groups of learners (30 or less)
  • Learners without any prior China / India experience
  • Learners who prefer to re-visit contents multiple times
  • Groups that can’t easily gather in one location for an in-person seminar
  • Tighter budgets

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In-Person Seminars

In-Person Seminars

Our in-person seminars are delivered by Global Ready China and India trainers at your location, live in front of your learners. This allows for a higher degree of trainer-learner-interaction, and seminars are usually enriched with our trainers’ personal experiences and anecdotes based on conversations with learners before and during seminars.

In-person seminars also reserve time for Q&A sessions, which commonly turn into highly active and stimulating discussions, adding great value to trainings of this format. Being at the location where learners will interact with Chinese travelers, also allows our trainers to relate seminar contents to unique local features they observe during their stay.

We recommend our in-person seminars for:

  • Larger groups of learners (30 or more)
  • Learners with prior China / India experience, who may have specific questions
  • Learners who don’t need to re-visit the entire training’s content
  • Groups that can easily gather in one location
  • Budgets that allow for additional (travel) expenses

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